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Why evil?

Why is there evil in the world, what is it and how does it come about? These maybe some questions you have pondered as you wonder how can it be that a benevolent God would create a world full of evil… what is the point in it? Or, if not religious there is still the question as to why evil would exist, not in the form of killing through a survival need, as this generally is not considered evil, but instead an intention to harm both physically or psychologically another with no apparent justification other than to cause harm, which a scientific/materialist view of the world also has no answer for.

Free Will

Why then does evil exist? To begin to understand this question we must first understand free will. If there is no such thing as free will then any evil act that happens must be the will of God and therefore we can only conclude that God, universe, ultimate reality or whatever you want to call it is fundamentally evil by nature, but if this is so why do we not naturally ask the question “why is there good in the world?” because we intuitively sense evil as something somehow out of place and so only the question “why is there evil in the world?” arises. However when we see clearly that individual beings do indeed have uniqueness as they posses freewill evil is then clearly seen as the result of choices made by individual beings and is not the will of God or the automated process of a mechanical universe. So the will of Good could well be for you to have nothing less then the full abundance of itself. But you might say none the less, even though this is so, it will never violate your freewill to be-able to chose less than its abundance if that was your free choice, else if it did restrict your ability to chose freely it could not be said you had freewill in the first place, you must be free to chose and because of this freedom you are free to chose to go against the will of God, and therefore evil is not the result of the will of God, it is the result the freewill choice of individual beings.

Dualistic view of the world

So most people are familiar with the dualistic view of the world as being good vs evil, God vs the devil, right vs wrong and so on. You might be familiar with the yin yang which most people perceive as this type of duality, namely the duality in which opposites oppose each other and yet if that was so the yin yang would be better drawn as two black and white arrows pointing towards each other. The true polarity symbolised by the yin yang are not at all demonstrating opposition but instead are complementary forces. One cannot exist without the other, as in one side of a coin cannot exist without the other side, the space in a container cannot exist without the container, up has no meaning whatever without down. And you could go on with these examples but the point is these examples are in no way in opposition to each other, in fact they are so much in alignment with each other that they are really the same thing, they bring each other into existence, they are certainly not fighting each other in the way that people have been led to believe. And so the philosophy people have been conditioned to believe is that the world we live in is inherently evil and reality is a combination of two forces locked into a dualistic battle with each other which of course is a lie.

To believe this would be to believe reality could be divide in two, but how could this be possible? If something is divide in two there must by necessity be “space” between the two to create the differentiation of them. And thus this would also mean the two would now have to be contained within something greater than themselves for them to exist in a separate state of twoness and so it would also follow that these two entity’s could no longer be called the ultimate reality because they are now contained by something greater which of course is the ultimate reality. This is where the concepts such as “infinity” comes from which attempt to point to God. Something that is infinite never will reach an end point, or a point where you can step over from oneness into twoness, it cannot because it never ends, its infinite. This is not something that is really really big, or really really small, because scale/size can only be measured in something that is finite and thus has borders where you can create a measurement between two points. So infinity is not something that goes on and on forever outwards or even on and on forever inwards, it simply has no size at all, because it is beyond time and space it is not two it is one, there is no space in it, it is the singularity, the reality in which you and everything exists, your conscious awareness.

Reality is all there IS

And so getting back to the point of evil, you can now see that God or whatever you want to call it is everything that is real and evil which is apparently in opposition is everything that is unreal. That which is unreal is precisely that, unreal, it has no fundamental reality. Take for example a shadow, if I commission a scientist to study this shadow with all his equipment and get back to me with his findings of exactly what properties and attributes make up the shadow well the scientist will get back to me and say the shadow in and of itself has no reality, it is merely a silhouette created by the absence of light. The shadow is the absence of light. And so even though the shadow has no reality we see it because that which has reality has been obscured to create a phantom image in the mind an absence in the mind also know as ignorance which is the absence of truth.

And so like platos cave your mind is like a projector, receiving the light of reality, obscuring most of it and projecting an unreal world before you. The more you cleanse you mind of ignorance the purer the projection becomes.

Moved by shadows

The controlling elite of this world could be said to be the “most” evil, they contain the seed of evil in the form of ignorance and pride in their minds which they can spread to other self aware beings. In a sense they are attempting to create their own world a sphere separate from God. This is the highest degree of pride and ignorance within these beings and they in turn are the ones who formulate their philosophy’s and systems in this world in order to get the general populace to take on their same state of consciousness. However they are fully aware of freewill as earlier spoken off and all their attempts are directed at getting you to make certain choices and take on certain beliefs. But you must chose to accept and take these beliefs on else they will not have any effect on you, which is where the idea comes from that you must invite a vampire into your house(mind) for it to have power over you. Once you take these beliefs and ideas on, you will act accordingly and your actions if they go beyond the accepted insanity of the collective consciousness will be considered evil-insane. Interestingly enough when a large enough percent of the population are engaging in evil-insane acts it is not considered so because it is seen as normal it is only when people rise above it that a contrast can be seen and in that seeing there is a judgment because once seen you have been presented with a choice to chose reality over unreality.

Think of any act you consider evil look at it carefully and you can trace the act back to a fundamental ignorance where the one committing the act believes that doing so is somehow right no matter how warped the reasoning is. All the serial killers have been testimony to this. But evil of course is not always overtly obvious it could be as simple as a remark made such as “that dress looked better on your friend”, why was it said? the belief in the lie that you are separate and so by putting someone down no matter how small the remark, it is believed you can inflate your separate sense of self and diminish someone else’s all because you do not realise reality is one and there is no separation.


3 Responses to Why evil?

  1. Reality Corrodes

    The experience of earth is based on a fundamental law beyond anyone’s free will. That law is the law that every single being, on this planet has not got it’s own power from within – hence every being in this experience must kill another being to maintain it’s existence. Hence the fundamental law of this experience is killing – that could be seen as a fundamental evil. Each being is forced to kill another due to the pain of hunger. The pain of hunger is an external force making a human who prefers not to kill another for food…kill another for food – hence real free will is not so! The environment forces the being to kill against its wish in order to avoid the pain of hunger! There is no individual free will the being is unequivocally connected to its environment – there is no separation – and the environment is such that all beings are killing other beings to exist – this as previously stated is the foundation code of this experience!

  2. Reality Corrodes

    My apologies, I rewrote it in the hope to make it clearer!

    The experience of earth is based on a fundamental law beyond anyone’s free

    will. That law is the law that every single being (human, animal, insect,

    plants – they are all beings), on this planet have not got their own

    independent power source (a right to power itself independently of all other

    beings). e.g Humans eat animals- animals eat animals – plants need to

    take/steal the suns rays and the atmosphere’s air – hence every being in this

    experience must kill or take from another being or power source, to maintain

    it’s own existence. Hence the fundamental law of this experience is

    killing/taking/stealing – that could be seen as a fundamental evil. Each human

    being is forced to kill another being (animal, plant – yes, plants are beings

    too! How egotistically ignorant to not realise so) due to the pain of hunger.

    The pain of hunger is pre-coded into the human body which acts against the

    human beings wish…to not kill – and as such forces/influences the mind of the

    human to kill another being (animal, plant) for food when their wish is not to

    have to do so – hence real free will is not so! The environment

    forces/influences the being to kill against its wish in order to avoid the pain

    of hunger! There is no individual free will – all beings (animal (humans are

    animals), plants) are unequivocally connected or forcefully made dependent on

    their environment for their existence – there is no separation – and the

    environment is such that all beings are killing other beings to exist – this as

    previously stated is the foundation code/principal of this experience – the

    fundamental law is killing! This in the eyes of the compassionate is seen as

    barbaric! Killing generally involves inflicting pain on another (no being

    wishes to die forcefully at the hand of another in order to be that other’s

    food) – inflicting pain on another is considered evil – hence the whole

    experience is fundamentally evil!

  3. You can try and anylise life to the point of ridiculous if you are not careful. Every creature on the planet needs to eat to survive, this is the law of nature. A wasp might eat a spider, a pigeon might eat the wasp and a man might eat the pigeon, its called a food chain. This has no “evil” attached to it, evil is causing pain and suffering and death for pleasure, not necessity. Yet even this has its limits, is a cat which plays with a mouse being “evil”? Is a fox which kills all the hens and eats only one, being “evil”? Only man realy understands evil and perhaps only man therefore can be evil. And evil is inflicting pain and death for pleasure, if you kill another man defending yourself, this is not evil, this is survival, as eating is survival. Nature is based upon necessity and unfortunately plants need to be eaten and animals need to be eaten, otherwise there would be no life on Earth, that would be evil.

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